Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Riding round the mountain, and the first snows

I opted out of the mountain trek on Monday due to a crappy nights sleep the night before. I gave myself an extra hour in bed that morning and went for a slightly less time consuming jaunt. It takes roughly six hours to climb, there and back, whereas the circumvent by bike takes around five. Just a few pics of stuff I saw along the way.

This is a Buddhist statue that I'm sure all those who drive along the Apple road from time to time will recognise. She's situated next to a desolated old mountain lodge called Kenny's House. Kenny's House looks to have been a prosperous little place at one time or another, but now it's empty and deteriorating.

For those of you who've long wondered what Buddha's back looks like: cracked and fitted with an antenna.

I couldn't go without slinging up one of Mt. Iwaki itself. The snow has been falling on the mountain quite heavily this month, which means there should be an early start to the season. I'm determined to make one last climb before it's too late though.

May I help you? You tell me. I've long wondered what this container's all about, since it's sat there on the side of the road doing nothing.

Pray for good weather on Monday, cos I'm going up, whatever.