Wednesday, September 28, 2005

城西保育園運動会 The mother of all battles

Yes, this last weekend saw a major showdown between the reds and the whites of Jousei Kindergarten. I, myself, chose to side with the reds because my favourite kids were on that team. I was invited to sit and watch the kids do their stuff, sat with a panel of worn-out old ojiisan (grandads), conveniently positioned directly opposite all the parents, so they could see that the school had gone all out and draughted in a gaijin for the event. I got a free bento, so I can't complain.

The Orange Warriors.

The red team really pulled up their socks for the occasion, but I could see from the turnout of events that we lost quite comfortably, even before the scores were tallied at the end. I'm not surprised, though, just look at the competition:

It was a good event, and I would have enjoyed it loads if it weren't for the thoughtless sods downstairs getting drunk and playing music until 5 in the morning. They're going to pay though, cause I've been onto the landlord and he promised to have a polite word with them. And if a polite Japanese estate agent gets a complaint about noisy, thoughtless neighbours, you can rest assured he's going to have a very indirect and vague word with the swines. That ought to put a stop to it!

I know you've been missing them, so I decided to post another picture of Iwaki san. Long time no see:

Speaking of Iwaki, I was up there just the other day. Good God, those damn snakes are getting on my nerves these days. Can you believe one of them actually chased me the other day. I can't understand it, I thought the snakes would be all wrapped up ready for the colder winds at this time of year. But no, I saw at least eight on Monday. Only three of a size worth considering though. Most of them were little 20cm jobbies. The one that chased me was around 60-70 though. It's a pain in the rear, because I really like going up in shorts and I feel like a bit of a target if I do.

And in support of Operation Bearwatch I decided to post this recent evidence, found less than five hundred metres from Akakura Jinja. The one above has been there since last year, but the one below is fresh. This proves little more than that bears really do live in the woods. It's not much, but it's the best I can do so far.

I'm going to buy some spanking new binoculars at the weekend so I might have some more reports to add to Luke's ongoing saga.