Saturday, October 15, 2005

Human fulfilment and the worst ending I've ever witnessed.

I'll start by telling you that this Wednesday saw a great personal achievement. For weeks now, I've been trying to complete what they call タカ, or, the route that seperates the novices from the beginners. I've been getting my strength together lately, and right down there at the Rat wall I proved to myself that things can be done. Taka is a climb that most people take a while to get under their belts, and I'm no different. But doing it successfully has given me a great deal of ambition to get better at wall climbing and I'm confident I'll be conquering other routes, even more strenuous than Taka, in the near future. I go to the gym once a week and I know my upper body is getting stronger since the injury I endured about 18 months ago. Saying that, I know I'm still a small fry in the big pond of spidermen that dominate the wall climbing game.

I also watched a soul wrentching movie tonight called Touching The Void. Soul wrenching because for me, as a novice mountaineer, I would love to know what it feels like to have had a similar life battering experience as the poor bastard, or bastards, in the movie. It's about a couple of guys who attempt a ridiculous climb of some extraneous mountain in Peru. One guy breaks a leg on the way down, and then he goes through a five day period of brute, and I mean BRUTE survival. I was shocked, after seeing all the crap that this guy had gone through, that he managed to live to sit there, in front of a channel four camera man to tell the story. Absolute respect for men with such steely vains.

Then I watched another movie called Before Sunset. This was a dated follow on from the movie Before Sunrise. If you want to see the world's most shockingly lame ending to a movie I reccommend you watch this one. The movie itself, before the ending, and if you watched the first one, was quite touching. The ending reminded me a little of biting off my own ear, only to find that I could still hear the sound of my next door neighbour's house music downstairs.