Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I wrote out a whole long elaborate post about all sorts of things the other day, and when I came to post it it screwed up on me so I'm not in the mood to write much at this minute.

I went climbing with some local gaijin the other day. We went up the north side and down the south, having dropped one of the cars off earlier that day. These are the guys:

I bought a huge apple and ate it all in one sitting, driving back from the onsen in Hyakuzawa.

Bought a new bike from a place called Offhouse, just behind Denkodo. It's niiiice!! Needs some adjustments mind you, but it goes.

Found a dead snake when I was cycling around the mountain the other day. I've seen plenty of these babies recently, most of them have been alive and slithering:

Look after yourselves folks. Let's be careful out there.