Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Welter weight

The course I'm doing here is called ウエルター級、or 'welter weight'. It's the first course I've completed in the henachoko section, the translation for which I have no idea.

First, you've got to crawl up from under the bulging wall and then drag your body to where I'm at above.

Then, as you can see, you've got to get jiggy with the wall.

One giant leap, and you're out of desperation territory.

Wriggle around a little, and you're there, in monkey position.

I'm seriously becoming addicted to this sport, but it has a toll. One's hands get battered with calluses and one's muscles are worked to the limit. I've given myself a year in which I want to get good enough to climb the 'real climbers' routes. It's all very 厳しい (severe).

Thanks to Keiko for taking the shots.