Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The times they have changed.

A friend of mine sent me this picture this morning, which he took back around 87/88. It knocked me over when I downloaded it and gave it a good look. I couldn't resist posting it on this blog. Nick was into photography at school, as I was a few years later. In fact, his photos were probably what inspired me to take photography as a subject. His own black and white processing was fantastic considering it was all done at home or at school. This shot, which must have been scanned as well, has kept it's quality well.

If the year was 1988, which is my own guess, I would have been twelve years old. I can't really explain the hair-do, but my best guess is the influence of Bob Dylan that I was under around that time. I know it's no excuse, but I've got to justify it somehow. As far as I can remember it was part of a series of shots that Nick took of me and my brother for my mum, who wanted some 'nice ones of the two boys' to hang on the walls. I remember seeing another from the same series when I went home at Christmas.

The hair-do, believe it or not, stayed with me for a while. Through most of my comprehensive school days I earned myself the nick-name 'Henry' after Henry off Neighbours, the Australian soap opera. Henry was played by the inimitable Craig McLachlan who was a big hit with teenagers around that time. I actually had a small kid come up to me one day and ask me if I really was Henry off Neighbours. I remember telling him 'yes'.

Anyway, that was seventeen or eighteen years ago; quite a blast from the past. Thanks Nick.