Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back to the old house

An indifferent week has passed me by once again, and I'm sat here trying to stay focused on a movie starring Bob Dylan which really isn't turning out. Dylan can't act, but I knew that before I even contemplated him as an actor. He doesn't need to be able to act, I guess.

The week in pictures:

The bottom ridge of the North face, Akakura. Cornice to the left, trees to the right; it's a tight one to negotiate on such weathered snow as last Friday's. That cornice could really take you for a ride if you weren't careful.

Just a bit further up you can see the fleeting face of the ravine.

Blown snow.

Tackling the inappropriately named 'H'. In Japanese 'H' refers to sex, and climbing this particular route has no connection.

Ozzy Chris on the same route, and he's definitely not smiling.

The Dylan movie's just finished, it's called 'Masked and Anonymous' by the way, and I've just realised why I was finding it hard to understand. It's nothing but a bloody good soundtrack.