Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some of my favourite shots from the past week or so.

There's been a lot of sun overhead these past few days. Here in Japan we're moving into my favourite time of year; the anticipation of snowfall and the sharp bite of the wind are what satisfies me the most from season to season. And it's only just begun!!

I've taken a few shots of the susuki grass that grows along the railroad near my house. I tried them out in B&W and thought they looked pretty good.

It was hard work framing the railway cables out, but in the end it seems I prefer the ones with them in.

A house by the railroad. What strikes me about this one is that the cables are running across the image at roughly the same angle as the sun.

Driving back from Iwaki yesterday (I didn't stick my head out the window and take it while driving, I stopped). I had a good time trekking up the deep ravine at Akakura, which is down to the left of the ridge I usually take. It's bear season now and I forgot my bell yesterday. The area I hike in is known to be the home of a handful, so the story goes, so I decided to take a couple of small rocks and I banged them together as I walked along. Surprisingly enough I really got into it and started putting some rythym in there.

Well, Blogger, the company that runs my blog, appears to be having some tech trouble right now so I'm going to leave it at that. I have more shots, all in colour, so I'll make another post in a few days time.