Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mum and Dave's trip to Japan

 We made a little sign to catch their attention at arrivals, but there were very few people around.

We went to an electrical store and mum had a go in the massage chairs.

 This is the Neputa festival in Hirosaki. We went to Aomori to stay with Aki's family for a couple of days, stopping in Sendai on the way up and Zao onsen on the way back down. It was great to see Aki's great Aunty and Uncle, and they put on a really good spread for us. Uncle was very excited to talk about Margaret Thatcher with Dave!

 The Kudo family in (almost) full strength!


 We went to Nikko and Chuuzenji lake. The weather was great and we managed to catch a glimpse of both monkeys and deesr on the windy road back down.

Dave at the resting place of Tokugawa Ieasu, in Nikko national park.

Mum, Dave and Aki, waiting for the train to Tokyo. We spent two nights in Tokyo, in a very small, but comfortable hotel in Asakusa.

We met up with Chris and had a good laugh at a local Izakaya. This was where Dave finally made a breakthrough with chopsticks - well done Dave!

We went to Shinjuku and enjoyed the big city surroundings.

Shinjuku has its very own Gherkin!

We were lucky enough to find an elevator which took us up to an observation point at the top of the Metropolitan building. From there we could see the whole of Tokyo.

We went to a bonsai museum in Saitama and saw some trees that were 400 years old. 

This was one of my favourites. It's got good composure!

 More bonsai!

Mum, Dave and the randy raccoon of Mashiko.

One bunch of grapes, two peaches and two pears for £32 - bargain!