Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I went to another (welcome) enkai last night so I'm feeling a little bit poorly this morning. I'm actually typing this with two hands, which is remarkable considering I couldn't even move my left arm about three weeks ago. I've noticed a big improvement with it lately. I can raise it in front of me, independently, and I can raise it to the side (about 90 degrees). This probably sounds pathetic but it's a big step for me. At the enkai last night one of the old boys, a relic from years gone by, turned up with a head of blue hair. He must have tried to dye it himself but apparently it went a bit pear-shaped. Another funny moment was when the new Kyoto sensei got up to address everyone and made starkly noticable the aggressive twitch he's got with his eyes. He blinks like a maniac. It made me laugh because I used to get all sorts of twitches when I was a kid - hands, nose, eyes, mouth, chin, back, you name it, I used to twitch it.

I'm going to show some of the students a DVD today, since there's nothing else to do around here. Plus I've got a form to fill out and send back to England in order to dodge paying some of my student loans. If I get bored I can either study some Japanese or catch up on my bible class material. I actually brought myself (kind of) up to date with the material for bible class over the weekend. I felt guilty going to each discussion with no knowledge of the stuff we were supposed to be talking about, and sitting there saying "well, I don't know much about religion, but..." I've finally got round to reading the holy bible as well. I've been meaning to read it for ages, only I've had other stuff that I've wanted to read.

I'm going to start looking into flights back home soon. The thought of going to the Cathedral City of Lincoln for a holiday gets me quite excited, especially with Aki because I can show her all the historical stuff, and all the wicked drinking dens. However, the thought of living there makes me feel a bit depressed. That reminds me, I've been busy lately, preparing to become a Canadian by listening to lots of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, and looking at pictures of bears on the internet. This is what I plan to tell immigration when I arrive in the boat carrying all the gay couples going there to get married: "I'm not gay, but can I please live in your country cos I think it's great and I really like listening to Joni Mitchell and Neil Young and I like bears cos I look at them on the internet all the time and I think French people are alright it's just france that makes them smell a bit funny and I like maple syrup and Irish people and seals and cutting down trees and red coats and mooses and mountains and everything so can I please live in your country and be just like you?" Do you think it'll wash?