Saturday, March 20, 2004

I went to school this morning, even though it's Saturday, and I also went to the onsen near my school afterwards. I've been to the onsen three times this week since I got the go-ahead from my doctor and I have found that it helps loosen up my muscles a bit, which is a very nice feeling. I went to school today because there was a basketball match between my school and Hachinohe high school. Suprisingly, my school won both the boys and girls games. I thought the girls were better than the boys with a more organised side and better skills. On the way home, after the onsen, I went to Sukiya for lunch - always a favourite of mine when I'm in that part of town.

Nothing planned this weekend so I'm just going to take it easy. Since I broke my arm that's all I've really wanted to do in my spare time though. I've got a book, I've got music, I've got instant noodles, I can go for a walk if I want to; what else could a cripple ask for?