Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I got the day off today because I had to go into hospital for an x-ray. My supervisor fixed it so I could spend the rest of the day chillin as well, because with the high school entrance exams going on there really was nothing for me to do. I walked to and from the hospital twice which was good exercise for me. When I sat down to talk to the doctor about my arm he seemed more interested in the arm-sling catalogue that I had been browsing through. He pointed to the different designs, muttering things like "dou kana? Ikaga?" (How about this one? What do tou think?) I quickly pointed to a design so he could order it and get on with the x-ray analysis. After repeating "Eito ne" and "Jaa" (erm, erm...) several times whilst looking out the window he simply looked at me and said "stable". I smiled and then left after a couple of bows.

The purpose of the second trip was to try on my smooth new sling. I was undressed (to the waist) by a guy who I'd never met before, and after he strapped me up with the arm-sling he redressed me. Before I could leave he spent a couple of minutes fussing about trying to get my cardigan straight like the other (female) nurses do. It was a bit wierd, but he was helpful.

I'm listening to Coltraine again today. No, not Rosco P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard: John Coltraine, the Jazz musician! The 'Africa Sessions' are going to carry me into an evening at Genya (little restaurant with a psuedo-Mexican menu), where a few JETs are gathering tonight. Looking forward to my first glass of lager in over two weeks (maybe, I really can't remember exactly when I last had a drink). I've got to do some hygiene work under my arms first though, because when I was in physio today I suddenly realised just what a stinky bugger I've become over the last 10 days. The poor nurse had to wear a face mask!