Friday, March 05, 2004

Yeah, so I have a good bit of spare time at the moment. Today I downloaded a batch of Placebo songs and entertained myself that way. I got a phonecall from Kudou sensei, my supervisor, and he told me that I could use some government scheme to pay for 80% of the remaining bill and the leftover from that would be the responsibility of the insurance company. Kudou sensei has just arrived and he's looking through the papers right now. I hope it works out ok.

I didn't get to sleep until 2.30 am last night because my arm felt akward, slung up the way it is. I now realise that the pain killers they gave me in the hospital afforded me the ability to drop off quite easily, even if I did wake up in pain when they wore off.

Going back for an x-ray tomorrow, so fingers crossed my arm isn't recovering into some screwed up position. Physio as well, with the young ladies in tight white suits. Yosh!!

Oh, I just found out that I have a large sums worth of titanium in my arm, not steel, as I had assumed until now. Thinking about it, steel and bone marrow probably wouldn't sit too well together.