Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, this weekend was pretty good fun. On saturday I went to Owani ski resort with some of my teachers, but it was really warm and the snow was like poo. It was really sticky, heavy and difficult to ski on. The temperature had risen to about 10 degrees though, which is really unseasonal for this time of year. It looks like it will drop again, for the rest of the week at least.

I bought my new snowshoes on Saturday as well. I spent far too much on them, but they're damn good quality. Here are the pair I ended up buying. Nice, heh?
I also bought a very spanky new chair yesterday, which I'd love to show folks on this log, but which I have no photos for. I'll describe it though: ground based (no legs), spinning on a disc underneath, high arms, very high back, reclinable (90 degs), cream colour all over, Dr. Evil-style. I just need a nice big fat Cuban cigar, and an white cat on my lap before I can look really stupid.

Aki took me to a ramen (Chinese noodles) restaraunt yesterday, which was out of this world. I had started losing interest in ramen, but this place has put it firmly back on the culinary map. And last night we used one of the family onsens at Momotaro as we have done on many Sunday evenings recently. I didn't want to go skiing yesterday as the temperature was the same as it was on Saturday. This season has been short, warmer than usual and generally disappointing on the slopes. Now I have my snowshoes, though, I can get right to the top of the mountain, where the snow is still in pristine shape (hopefully).

Last, but certainly not least, it is my Dad's birthday tomorrow, so I want to wish him a happy birthday. In fact, I want to wish you a happy birthday, Dad, because apart from Mum and Joss, you're probably the only one reading this webpage, so I may as well keep it personal.

Happy birthday (55 today!!!!)