Thursday, February 12, 2004

Good morning, and welcome to my latest update on Biffa's blog. I've just written quite an extensive email to Joss, my brother, so some of today's update may just be cut and paste from my mail folder. I'm back at work now after a five day break. I managed to engineer five days off with only the use of one day of my annual holiday. These things you can do when you've got so much time sitting in front of a desk calender. I have no classes today, and I only have a couple tomorrow. Usually on Thursdays I go to Owani High school, but my term has run out there and I'm now just waiting for some school somewhere in the expanse of Inaka (countryside) that constitutes this prefecture to contact my supervisor with the request: "Give us your funny looking white man", "yes, that American you keep in your office". My school visits, (or 'business trips' as they are called by the other teachers) have been a godsend, splitting up the week and thus diluting the boredom of my working life. I actually got on better with some of the teachers at Owani, and I knocked off at 2 o'clock every Thursday there. Owani still had it's fair share of heavy breathing honkers though.

I went skiing on Monday at Hakkouda. It was great. The sheer volume of snow that fell whilst I was there was awsome. The top was an absolute white-out. Visibility was around four to five metres. There was already around a foot and a half of fresh that had fallen the previous night, and while I was skiing another 10 inches fell. The powder was once again chest deep, bringing back those memories from last year when me and my old buddy Mitch Foss would rip it up with about seven runs a day in phenomenal powder, both on Saturdays and Sundays. I haven't bought a new Hakkouda pass yet for february, so I only did three runs which came to about 16 pounds. Yep, five quid a run if you don't have a monthly pass. I tried my board there as well, with better results than I imagined. I thought I'd fair terribly my first time boarding at Hakkouda.

I can't think of any anthropological critique today, like my previous insights into the connection between Japanese penis size and bad breath. So, I'll give it a miss this time and try my hardest next time. Other news: I went to Aki's colleagues house last night and ended up getting quite drowsy on Sake. It's not good for your head the next day, that Sake gear. Today I feel like I only got about two hours sleep last night, when I actually got about eight. That reminds me. I'm getting a new bed soon provided by the school. I asked my supervisor if he could recommend a good bed shop and he told me that the school might buy me a new one if my present one was causing me problems. After some negotiations with the school clerk it appears that I'm going to receive a new futon. I slept on a futon at Aki's a couple of nights in a row recently and noticed that I woke up feeling really good the next day. 'Futon no hou ga ii' as they all repeatedly say in Japan, or, 'futon's the way to go'. They don't really say that, I just made that bit up.

I could really do with a new bed though. I think my current bed is just adding insult to the injury of being sat at this bloody desk all day long. Neither are doing my body frame any good. It's a good job I get to exercise regularly, because if I didn't I would have problems.