Friday, January 23, 2004

Well, it's been a good couple of days since I last updated, and I can't say anything exciting has happened. I went to Owani high school yesterday on my usual Thursday outing. I go there every week for a couple of classes in the morning and then I get to knock off early because there's nothing for me to do after lunch. I got home and did a thorough job of shovelling the snow from my parking spot. There wasn't much, but it had turned to ice and thus it was difficult to raise off the ground. I bought myself some new glasses yesterday as well, after losing my old ones during a drinking binge in Hokkaido. And if you don't mind my saying so, they're pretty snazzy. I'll send you a link to a piccy later, I don't have one right now.

I also bought a book by a guy called Osamu Dazai , who was born in Tsugaru (the province in which I live). The book itself is simply called 'Tsugaru' and I don't know too much about it yet because I haven't started it.

Wednesday was a really boring day, apart from those two minutes when I collected my pay packet. THEY WERE THE BOMB BABY!! I'm now back on the champagne - instead of drinking Lipton tea every night. And I'm going out for nine course meals every night in swanky hotels and restaurants - instead of eating those boring instant noodles. Too bad it'll only last until next Tuesday when my wages will probably run out. No, honestly, this month I'm going to try to be prudent with my cash.

Saying that, I've already spent 200 quid on a new snowboard!! I'm looking forward to a bit of snow-action on Sunday, mind you, when Hugh has kindly offered to give me a bit of guidance. I'm bound to have a sore arse on Monday though. *Looking back, that last sentence sounds a bit homo don't you think? But it's a fact that when you start snowboarding, you'll spend most of your time falling onto your backside. It shouldn't be too difficult though, because I already have skiing experience.

I went to English club on Wednesday night, which is a conversation club for adults in Hirosaki who want to practise speaking English. It was a little bit boring because I was the only foreigner who showed up. But I got to eat a lot of the food that they had prepared. I go there every week, and have done for the last eighteen months, but other ALTs are dropping out because of personal differences and other commitments. Soon it's just gonna be me all on my own, and I'm going to have all that food that they bring every week to myself. OOOOOOOOiiishiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

As you've probably noticed, I'm running desperately out of things to talk about so I'll get this wrapped up pretty quickly. One more thing I should tell you is that tonight we're going to Tamenobu, where Hugh's going to try it on with some more Japanese girls who want to practise their Engrish. Me and Akiko are going as well so we can giggle at him trying his hardest to pull.

Anyway, Jaa ne (see you later)