Saturday, January 17, 2004

Alrighty! It's Saturday night right now, and I've just got off the phone with Jenny, an American JET also living in Hirosaki city. It sounds like everybody's going to chill at Hugh's place tonight, so I'll pop round there in a bit. There are four small apartment blocks in our part of town, and four of Hirosaki's eight JET's live here. We call it the 'Ghetto', because it looks dodgey, but it's actually a lot safer than most upmarket areas in your average English town ( less crime etc. I often forget to lock my car overnight, but I don't think the locals even bother).
I went skiing again today. I didn't bother getting up too early, because I can only manage about three runs these days before my boots start to cripple me. It was what skiiers call a 'bluebird' day today. There were hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun shone down even at the top of the mountain. I did the waizawa course again because of the favourable conditions. Lord knows how anyone can ski that course on a heavy snow day without falling over every fifty yards? The snow collects into big wave-like formations all the way down from the top, creating lots of 1 to 3 metre drops. I fell over time and time again, but still enjoyed myself loads. It's just great to get out into the wilderness and listen to the silence.
As planned, a load of us are going to Ajigasawa ski resort tomorrow for the day, and because Ajigasawa is groomed regularly my feet shouldn't take too much stick. Grooming is the process of dragging a giant comb up and down the ski slopes and it usually takes place all night long. The comb is fixed to the back of a caterpillar truck.
Anyway, I've got to go now. I'll update tomorrow.