Thursday, January 15, 2004

I know it's only been twelve hours since my last post, but I've such a large void of time to fill today I thought I'd write some more. I ended my last post on the note of me being broke for the next few days. It's tough because I have the weekend to drag myself through as well. I've never been absolutely brassic over the weekend before, so this will be a test to see how much there is to do in Hirosaki without money. I could go for a walk in the park, or I could sit at home and read, if only I had a pair of glasses to wear. (I lost my last pair on a xmas eve drinking binge in Hokkaido). One thing is for sure though, that I won't be drinking this weekend. I don't think I'll be eating much either. I still have a tenner left in the bank though, so I could go to an onsen or do some basic shopping. All in all, I like the prospect of suffering for a few days. It's easy for me to endure because it's definite, it's bound to end at some point. Unlike the suffering of lots of people around the world, whose lack of food and wealth is indefinite. Also, there are people around me who wouldn't just watch me starve to death, they would offer me some money before that happened so I could feed myself. I suppose for me then, that I won't really be suffering at all, and that it's more of a positive thing like a test of my spirit.
Enough about my lack of food and money.
The snow continued to fall throughout the night and there is a good thick layer on the ground right now. It's good stuff as well because the wind dropped last night and some lighter flakes started to fall. I bet the ski resorts are looking sweet right now. I have two things to do today: make a short listening test (which basically means taking a passage from a website on the internet and printing out forty sheets), and then conducting that very same listening test in class. After that, I'll probably crack on with a bit more of the art work that I'm doing with English club. I started a poster project quite a while ago and it's dragging on a bit now because none of the students ever seem to turn up to the club anymore. The poster is about 6' by 3', so it's a big one, and we're making it by glueing tiny pieces of coloured paper together. The final image will be 'Iwaki mountain through the seasons'. It is beginning to take quite a crude appearance so I'm starting to worry about what exactly we're going to be presenting to the school principal in a few weeks' time. He'll accept it though, no matter how childish it looks, and, through honour, he'll have it hanging in his office for the remaining period of my contract, and swiftly taken down after I leave.
The yogurt man has just been round so I'm going to tuck into my morning snack now.