Thursday, January 29, 2004

Wowee! I've never done anything quite so mundane before in my life. I have to check through a third grade students mock test papers for her university entrance examination. The subject matter is quite simply mind-ruiningly boring. But anyway, I only have one more paper left to check.

The first line goes like this:

"The gradual change and development, or evolution, of the modern knife and fork....."

See what I mean?

Anyway, I'm going snowboarding again tonight and it's snowing pretty heavily outside so I'm happy enough. The snow over the weekend was pretty wet compared to last years standard. This is undoubtedly a result of higher average temperatures this year, but todays snow is lighter and should be good by the time I get to the mountain. It's been a mixture really, depending on the temperature of the clouds themselves. Good dry snow usually creates at anything below -15 c at cloud level, and it will remain good so long as the sun doesn't get a good look at it and the ground temperature stays somewhere below -4 c. There is a lot of science about the dynamics of snow, and it's a bit confusing sometimes because I learn most of it from amateur sites on the internet. Interesting stuff though.

I saw Aki last night. She came around for a fresh batch of sweet potatoe curry, or satsumaimo kare- as its known (probably unknown actually) in Japanese. Her cocktail of innocence and playfulness set me up for the night, and after dinner we went to collect some oil for the stove so not to freeze to the tatami floor together.
Well, I have some curry left over from last night which I'm going to scoff for dinner right now.

Take care folks, and eat more sweet potatoe!!