Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well, hidleydidleyhowdydoody folks? Yet another day of sitting in front of my desk for the entire afternoon. I had a couple of classes this morning though, so I haven't wasted the whole day away. I enjoyed the classes that I had today. I felt like a pretty good teacher, which doesn't happen everyday in this job.
Apart from those two classes, I've had to sit listening to the hissing and heavy breathing of the men in the office again. My theory is that men with penises as small as the average Japanese penis have to reassure themselves of their manliness in other ways, and the heavy breathing is just one of them.

Is it easy to tell that sitting in this office is driving me up the wall? Well, it's not all that bad, but I will never get used to some of the habits people have here. As I am the office lurch, I have plenty of time to get my own back making all sorts of noises. Cracking my finger bones as I pour my morning coffee. Picking my nose as I read my mail between periods and slipping the odd silent fart out from time to time just after my early lunch while the others are still eating. I can see some of them getting angry, but so long as they irritate me with their pointless little peculiarities I don't really care. The thing about Japan is that you could work with someone for the whole of your life who you found absolutely repulsive and disgusting in manner, but you could never do anything about it. I know that one of the teachers who I used to work with has a great relationship with everybody on the surface, but underneath even he knows that he offends and repulses nearly everybody in the office apart from the hardline chauvinist faction in the other room. He stinks to high heaven. He wouldn't have been given a job anywhere in the UK, let alone a teaching job because of his poor hygeine standards. He hits the kids and he has been known to touch up the female staff at parties. He has a very Japanese mentality, and I bet his penis is no bigger than an over grown clitoris.

Pardon for all of this heated expression. I have to get it out from time to time. Apart from work, I haven't been skiing since Saturday and it's going to snow within the next twenty four hours. So, I'll be up the mountain after work at some point this week. I have English club today with the students after school. It's only going to be a quick one though because one of the students wants to go home early and so do I, which makes two of us. Therefore the other member of our club is a minority with little say in the matter. Also she's a girl, so me and the other lad can dictate how things go regardless and she just has to accept it. God bless this country.

Oops, there I go again. It would appear that I'm having a difficult day in Japan today, but it's OK. It's just the office getting up my back. I've got the night in to myself again tonight so I'm probably going to read my book and cook myself.... wait for it..... Yes, another one of my fantastic sweet potatoe curries!!!!

I might practise the guitar a little and check out the news in English on the TV.

Jaa ne (see you)