Thursday, April 01, 2004

It's official - I'm overweight. I had a sneaky feeling that I might be, but just to make sure I took a BMI test and found out that I am officially a burger boy. Well, it's not actually as bad as it sounds because my BMI measurement is 25.1 and the range of normal, healthy BMI is something like 19.9 - 25. 'Overweight' is 25.1 - 30, and 'obese' is anything over that. I was actually looking for dietary information on eating fish, since I don't want my disability (my arm!) to cause my weight to go up through lack of exercise. I've made it my mission to get back into fighting spirit by the beginning of May so I can climb the mountain. I'm determined to use my snow shoes at least once before the start of next season.

Today I had the chance to speak to my new supervisor and I talked to him about the new term. He seemed worried: "I think maybe my English is not good enough for the students at this school". "Do NOT worry about a thing" was what I told him. I think he thinks that the students at my school are budding English speakers - yeah right! I'm looking forward to teaching with him though. Maybe he'll invite me to more than one class a week. Anyway, he kicked off his supervisorship in good fashion by sending me home early. Good show Kanaya!

I'm listening to a lot of Radio 4 these days - Little Britain at the minute.