Monday, April 12, 2004

Well, it was a pretty cool weekend. On friday night Aki and I went out to Kuroishi (Black Rock City - the name sounds a lot cooler than the city actually is) and met with Mark, Gabin and Shelby. It was a pretty cool night, which started off in a little izakaya and ended up in a strange little room in Kuroishi drinking brandy and singing the Japanese version of Young Man (YMCA).We stayed at Gavin's place that night and got up early the next day to drive home in some of the greatest sunny morning weather I've ever seen in Japan.

For the rest of the day I dossed around my apartment trying to sleep, watching a film, eating food, smoking the odd ciggy and all that other Saturday afternoon stuff, while Aki was out doing stuff in town - getting her hair cut, visiting an uncle in hospital, getting her winter tyres swopped with summer ones. At about 5ish we went off to Aomori for a few drinks with Nate, being as it was his birthday. We got to Aomori only after Aki nearly had us both killed because she wasn't looking at the road or the car in front, and decided to stay the night when Nate reassured me that I could have the bed and not have to sleep on the floor. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with the floor, but I didn't want to jepoardise the health of my arm.

The following day we went to Imabetsu and all the other places along the Northern Tsugaru coastal road. It was another wicked day, and we went to a few quiet beaches and picked up some stones and driftwood to take back to my apartment. I now have quite a few pieces of driftwood timber featuring in my apartment, offering authenticity over the crude modernity of the artex interior. I feel that I now have a proper Japanese space in my apartment, one that combines naff and mass production with aesthetic charm and maturity; the story of Japan.

When Aki and I got back I spoke to my parents on the phone and then we went to momotaro for an onsen and then to Darumaya (best ramen restaurant in Tsugaru) for the best ramen in Tsugaru. If the Pope really is Catholic, it was a good weekend.