Sunday, August 29, 2004

An Iwakiful Day

I went up Iwaki mountain again yesterday with a couple of buddies. The day started out as blue as you like, and stayed that way for the duration, barring some isolated cloud at the top. This time we took a different route, one that I've not done before. It began, officially, from Akakura shrine. This place.

At least, this is one of the buildings in the area known by that name. I over-exposed most of the shots that I took yesterday, so if these look a bit bright, that's the reason why. I was just fooling around trying to see what it would do to the images.

I'll come right out and say it: yesterdays route was better than the other two that I've done before and I can't believe I've neglected it all this time. It was really scenic, and there were more rocks to clamber about on. It was funny actually, because we'd been hiking for a good length of time, and we just got to this one point and stopped to eat and drink. Looking ahead at the distance left to walk, there was discussion about turning around because we all had the idea that the peak was a fair bit away, and we were pushed for time. We thought that the main peak itself was being obscured by the little peak just in front of us. Anyway, we decided to have a quick look over the little peak, and of course found that the little peak was in fact the main peak anyway. All smiles upon realisation.

Yeah, what a day. It was hard work, but well worth it. I'm looking forward to spending more time up that way throughout the autumn season. This is the peak, seen from around 1,200 metres.

In the evening a load of us met up in nearby Kuroishi for drinks. I didn't want to drink, but someone forced me to. Now, I'll come clean. Lately I've been trying to stop drinking altogether for reasons that are listless. The main one being that I have a tendency to binge drink. I always end up drinking precisely too much. I don't have a problem with not drinking altogether, in fact it really gives me a bit of a kick, it's just that I forget about stopping drinking at a certain point. Well, last night I went out and got really plastered and ended up in some sleazy snack bar in the arse end of Kuroishi, drinking and smoking cigarettes. To top it all off, I went back to Gavin's place and discraced myself on the floor of his living room.

I can be a bit of a wanker like that, and this summer I decided to begin to put an end to the kind of life-style that has really characterised my twenties. In my twenties, I have drunk enough booze, smoked and eaten enough drugs, and gone for as many sleepless nights as your average man would do in his whole lifetime. This is not good karma man. It has to be wound down now. I have to look to the mountains for inspiration.