Monday, August 16, 2004


Inspired by Hugh and Shelby's attempt at Fuji san, I've actually been thinking about having a go at a 'bigger' mountain myself recently. I'm not sure if I want to try Mt. Fuji though. In fact, I actually wrote out my nenkyuu this afternoon for the second weekend of October, which comes with a national holiday stuck to it by way of the Monday. I hope this won't be too late though, because there's usually been a snowfall along the Japan Alps by the middle of October, and that's where I'm thinking of heading. Kitadake is the peak I've been looking at. It's the second highest peak in Japan, and they say the views of Mt. Fuji from it's peak are some of the best. It's a good 500m lower in altitude than Fuji, so I shouldn't have to worry too much about getting sick or tired. There's a hut just half an hour short of the peak itself at about 3000m and most people spend the night there in order to get up early the next morning for rising sun views. I'm still not sure what the best means of transport would be. I'm thinking of driving, but I know the roads will be so costly that it might even be just as cheap to catch a train. Anybody know anything about getting to Nagano-ken, or more specifically Kofu city in Yamanashi-ken from Aomori-ken? Your name doesn't have to be Ken to answer that question by the way.

Also, I found out today that I got a pay rise as from the beginning of my new contract, which kind of made me feel a bit chirpier this morning. The three days of holiday that Kocho sensei gave me were another little boost as well. I have to use them this week though, so it looks like tomorrow's the last day of the week for me.

If you ever wondered why they decided to call this ken the blue forest...

Look at the shade of colour on Mt. Iwaki in this picture. It looks pretty bluey to me.