Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kaiten Lukey

I've become a bit of a kaiten sushi fiend of late. That's the sushi that goes round and round on a conveyor-belt that you can pick off and choose as you like, and costs quite a bit less than that which you'll find at other, classier sushi shops. (I've always been one for the underdogs.) You tend to deceive yourself a bit when eating sushi though, like when you tell a joke at the end of a really shitty lesson and get the laughs that you need to walk out on a good note, but in the back of your mind you know you just did a poor job. After my usual sixteen or seventeen plates of sushi I will personally compliment myself on what a healthy, low-fat choice I made coming to a sushi shop, but somewhere in the back of my mind I know that I just ate way, way too much of the damn stuff, and in response to this I often console myself by resolving to climb a mountain the following day. It's all cats and dogs. Always chasing each other, never catching up. Here's a picture of the sort of dreamy culinary environment that I'm talking about. Of course, most of my kaiten sushi munching is done in Hirosaki, however this was taken in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

In case you're interested, and even if you're not, the Chinese character you can see in the window is the kanji for cherry blossom. Or at least I think that's what I've been told it is; I'm no expert. Yeah, so there I was in Shinjuku at around three o'clock in the morning looking for some nice photos to take and I saw this. Luckily the girl inside didn't notice me because I already felt culturally back-to-front just standing there alone, in my shorts and neatly ironed T-shirt, taking pictures through a restaurant window of people eating their sushi. I really should have been in bed, but that's a whole other story. Well anyway, while I was out stalking the streets of Shinjuku I came across many other restaurant-related photographical corkers, such as this

Regardless of all the places that looked like they would probably serve very delicious food, I went on and spent most of the night at Kentucky Fried Chicken where I was joined by many other people who also should have been in bed. They were all just sat around looking like they needed to pass some time, like me. It was almost as if it was THE cool place to be; probably the only place to be at such a stupid hour.