Monday, June 28, 2004

Brassband and Sushi

On Sunday Aki and I went to the Hirosaki high school annual brass band concert. It was pretty cool, and, like last year, I was shocked at how good the band sound. I often hear them practising when I'm doing English club, but it's usually just them tuning up, which tends to sound awful. They also did some wierd acting as well, along the lines of 'Japan and the World'. Now there's a familiar theme.

This was the 'Japan' act. The 'Britain' act was also a dark stage with fluorescent abstract pictures of the four Beatles being waved from side to side. It's perhaps a bit disappointing that when Japanese people think of British music they still think of the Beatles. But then the 'America' act came on and they played Amazing Grace, so I suppose the Beatles are still quite contemporary in comparison. I suppose also that their limits were restricted to music that sounds good in brass. Here's a picture of the world famous Shiminkaikan where they were doing their stuff.

Anyway, after the concert we went to Seijiro which is probably the most popular kaiten-sushi restaurant in Hirosaki, or at least it seemed that way as we had to wait about half an hour to get seated. It was pure torture watching all that sushi roll round on the conveyor-belt and not being able to eat any. But they had corn back on the menu last night which put a smile on Aki's face.

I made a bit of a pig of myself last night, but not to worry because it's all good, wholesome tucker. And what the heck, I climbed Iwaki on Saturday so I deserved it. Some more shots: