Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bring on the Towada Wine.

This weekend kicked off last night with a debauched drinking session in the Shirakami mountains. Erica had the good idea of renting a cottage near the local Anmon Falls, and about eleven people turned up to spend a weekend in the beautiful local surroundings. I went with Aki, and I didn't intend on staying the night because I thought that the sleeping spaces in the cottage had been fully taken by other weekend revellers. But when we got there it turned out that two people had decided not to turn up, so Aki and I stayed over and got drunk with the infamous Gav Locke and a host of other 'usual suspects'.

For footage of the Indian Poker drinking game that we played, you should go to either Hugh's or Jamie's webite listed below in the links section, because I had decided to tuck my camera away somewhere safe before things got too nasty. Basically, the Indian Poker game made mincemeat of the bottle that Aki is modelling in this shot below. It was her birthday present from the other folks there.

Yeah, the whole bottle got nailed. Then Gav started shouting, in a broad, drunken Aussie accent, "F**king bring on that f**king bottle of Towada f**king Wine" referring to a bottle of locally produced wine that was sat on the table outside. We avoided the wine, but Jamie brought in his stash of Guinness so we could take the drinking game to it's logical conclusion, which was Gav and Aki throwing up off the verander and into the toilet, respectively.

Here're another couple of piccies from the night...

... and this handsome young thing...

Tonight will be much quieter, with a bit of sushi on the cards, and maybe a video from the shop down the road. Aki and I woke up feeling a little bit worse for wear and decided to come home.