Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday morning. I've just had a class with Kanaya sensei and it went ok. I get a bit bored during some of the oral communication classes because I don't get the chcance to engage all that much. However, today I struck the students with one of my mega-hard maths exercises. It used clauses like "subtract that number from...", and "divide that number by the sum of etc." The students were a bit put back, but they managed to get it after a lot of coaching in Japanese.

Yesterday Aki and I went to a bbq at her pharmacist's house. That is, the woman she works with in the pharmacy. It was pretty cool and the sun was shining. One of Aki's workmates turned up with her little two year-old twins, and most of the afternoon was spent watching them fight over a piece of plastic that, coincidentally, they both wanted to play with at the same time. I drank quite a bit of beer and ate a good portion of the food, but we left at about 5:00 because I was expecting a phonecall from my Mum. Of course, I was pretty drunk when I spoke to her. She told me that my brother was in a brace because he'd fractured his collar bone by falling of his bicycle in central London. He's back at home now though, and from what I hear it could have been a lot worse if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.

I did a bit more spending on Friday night. I went and got myself that snazzy little ipod that I've always wanted. I'm happy with it but I've noticed already that the battery life is just as lame as all the reviews had reckoned it to be. The battery lasts for a meek 8-10 hours on mine, before having to hook it back up for another 8 hours to recharge. Apple really need to fix this because it is a genuine problem, but with there being very little competition in the market right now I doubt it feels the need to start redesigning it's already hugely successful product. It's a good little mp3 player, and I'm glad that I bought it, but the battery really does suck.

I also bought myself a bike from homac. It's a nice moutain bike that I plan on using for some semi backcountry action in the Shirakami mountains. It's not a mega strong one with all the trimmings, and it still makes a bit of noise when I pedal hard (the gears need tuning properly), but it will do the job that I want it to do. I just need to buy a helmet now and avoid those sneaky little pot-holes.

By the way, the weather today is marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.