Monday, May 10, 2004

From time to time a man needs to listen to Elvis. So this morning I did just that. I don't know what it was that gave me the urge, but I can tell you that I felt all the better after just a few tracks.

This weekend has been dull due to a serious shortage of money. I had to pay a massive hospital bill this month, leaving me with 2000 yen (10 quid) for the last two weeks before pay day. Only yesterday did it occur to me that I could use my credit card at the local Mark's and Spark's style supermarket for a food stocking mission. It felt so good after a week of assuming poverty to walk around that shop knowing that I had a credit limit of 500 big ones.

On Saturday I went on the mountain. It was an absolutely amazing day and I got up really early so I could get started before it got too hot. I actually went to a local golf driving range first, which is at the foot of the mountain (the coolest driving range I've ever seen.) After scuffing a few balls in the early sunshine there, I went back down to the Hyakuzawa ski lifts where I picked up the climbing trail. After about forty minutes climbing I hit snow on the ground, which made the climb that bit more interesting than usual because it elevated the trail and flattened down the surrounding bushes making for a better view off the mountain. All in all it was a wicked climb, even though I didn't actually make it to the top. I stopped at the edge of the alpine line and stuck around there for a while. I was going to go all the way, but because I'm an idiot I forgot to carry water, so I thought it wise to get back down before I dehydrated. There were some other people just a bit further up, who seemed to be using climbing equipment and winter outdoor-wear to get up the incline near the top. I really wanted to just walk straight past them in my shorts and T-shirt and the branch I was using as a hiking stick, but I decided against it because I was getting thirsty.

I'm in school again today. It's going to be a pretty kushty day because the teacher who I was supposed to be working with is absent. I do have some other stuff to do though.

Take care.