Thursday, April 15, 2004

Good news! The doctor has identified the beginning of my humerus' callus formation. This is good because I am now permitted to do exercises that I couldn't do before, and I can get my arm in shape for a bit of driving. By the time I'm ready to drive I should be confident enough for a slow mountain climb. I'm thinking of purchasing some weights, but as of yet I haven't seen any in the shops. I don't fancy toing and froing the budokan gym twice or thrice a week just to lift some poxy 2 kilo weights.

The weather today has been fantastic! I walked to the hospital, but because my consultation took longer than usual I thought I should get a taxi back to school. Not because I wanted to get back for a particular class or anything, I just didn't want to miss the opening hours of the school canteen. Man, that place continues to amaze me. Their curry rice is only 360 yen, yet it tastes like a million dollars, and the salads are tops too.

This summer, Aki and I were going to go back to England together for a short holiday, but the other day she told me that she can't make it because of her work. Her boss and the whole company that she works for are a bunch of w#nk*rs if you ask me. They have said that it would put too much strain on the rest of the workforce for her to take nine days holiday in July. That sucks, and it is something that has yet again thrown support to my opinion of this country as a circus where there are too many clowns. I will be going back to England alone now, thanks to some faceless guy in a suit somewhere in Tsugaru. Still, I'm looking forward to the beer, and seeing my family for the first time in a year.

Here's to another day of nothing.