Monday, April 26, 2004

Not a great deal to talk about today. The weekend was pretty good, but it was a shame the weather didn't hold out for the cherry blossom knees up. I took it nice and easy yesterday; did a bit of reading and sleeping, watched a Jackie Chan movie, the usual. Then at 8.30 me and the missus went to Momotaro onsen as we always do.

Today is pretty easy-going. I was pissed off first thing because my supervisor keeps calling me luke san and luke sensei, even when I've already told him that I don't like it. One of these days I'm going to punch that silly grin right off his face, or just stop talking to him.

I've got another night of doing nothing tonight, yes another one! I have a new book that I want to read concurrently along with the bible. The book is My Past and Thoughts by Alexander Herzen. He was a Russian, and I've heard that he's very original and gritty.

I've got a class to go to now, if anything interesting happens to me over the next few days I'll be sure to write it on this page.