Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well, last night I got my hands on one of these. Yep, it's that camera I've been thinking of buying for the last two years. Even though this model is a fairly new release, I've wanted to get something like it for a good while now. Also, I spent most of my evening down at homac looking at a mountain bike that I'm probably going to buy before the weekend. I can't find a piccy of it, but it will do me for the time period I'll need it for. The bike has been reduced in price by one man yen (fifty quid), so it's quite a bargain.

I went to Owani koko today for the first time in about three months, and it was a good laugh. There are two new English teachers there, which also means there's a whole new English department, and they both seem like nice people to work with. The students there are little bastards, but it makes a change spending time with a different level of ability. After work I went to the hospital for a shinsatsu (chat with the quack) and he told me that I needn't come on a regular basis anymore. The nurse also said that tomorrow would be my last rehabiri (physio) session, which is a bit daunting because I've become a regular on the second floor over the last three months. You know what this means don't you! No more dodging school on Thursday mornings! Then again, my kyoto sensei needn't know about it.