Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm having a pretty Kushty day at school again today, though I have got classes this afternoon. I watched a film at English club yesterday and today I've got the Wednesday night conversation classes with all the old girls. Still looking forward to going back home in July. I know it's still a good couple of months away, but it's the next big thing for me. It's giving me something to focus on. I also have the joyful thought of receiving my insurance payout when it comes. I thought today that when I get it I'm going to treat myself to a host of goodies. It's a bit like writing a letter to Santa. I'm gonna get an mp3 player and an MD player and a new bike and a rice cooker and a new pair of climbing shoes and I'm gonna get a nice bag from the shop that I pass on the way home from school and I'm going to buy myself a new iron (my old one is useless), and a load more material for my apartment so I can continue the decorations. Theres so much that I want!

Also, I've quit smoking, and I think it's going to last. It's been a couple of weeks now since I last had a ciggy and I think I have the right strategies in place to take the battle to nicotine's end. Wish me luck.