Sunday, June 13, 2004

on the mountain again

Yep, I went and climbed Iwaki san again on Saturday. The climb up was much the same as last week; a hard slog on the first half, and a slow shimmy up the snowpack above the treeline. The snowpack was a bit scarier this time than last. It seemed to be wearing thin in places, with large cavities underneath that I was aware of only because I could hear rushing water below my feet. It still stands at about 5 or 6 metres in some places though. Anyway, at the top the clouds were great and I took some photos.

The clouds were great because there were both the whispy sort that fly across the top of the mountain really quickly and make you feel a bit like you're flying, and there were a few bigger cumulus clouds drifting by slowly. Also there were the smaller cumulus clouds like the ones you can see in the picture above. And to top that off I spotted this one when I was climbing back down.

And here are some other piccys that might be of interest


Also, on Friday night a load of us went out to the beer garden again. I got a bit plastered and ended up singing kareoke. A tribute to the late Ray Charles - Baby what'd I say? The story of my life. I also went to Thom's place last night for some chicken pasta and drinks. I met some interesting Japanese people (one guy in particular who climbed a mountain in China that hadn't been summited before.) And today, it seems that there is nothing but sunshine outside.