Monday, June 07, 2004

Friday Night, Saturday Morning.

Well, this last weekend was another just like the many that have gone before. Drinking on Friday night and mountain climbing the day after. It's a hard life for some, I can tell you. Went to a beer garden on the roof of a hotel on Friday night. I didn't stay out too late because I had plans to climb the mountain the following day. The others went on to Shirokiya at about 9 o'clock though, for a second round of all you can drink madness. It must have been messy, what with all that beer flying around and all that kareoke being sung.
Here's a piccy from the beer garden.

So, the following day I woke up and funnily enough I didn't feel like climbing the mountian one little bit. I treated myself to breakfast at the greatest combini (Japanese convenience store) in all of Tsugaru, Orange Heart on the road to Owani, where you can get freshly made onigiri and creamy crepe and all sorts of goodies that you don't find at other combinis. After that I came to realise that there was little else going on that day, so I decided to do the mountain anyway. It was actually a good idea to go up a little later in the day because when I got to the top I was on my own. It took me about five hours in all, and on the way down I accidentally slipped on the ice and slid about 200 metres on my bum. It wasn't all that dangerous, though I did take a layer of skin off my hands trying to stop.
Here's a piccy that I took when I was at the top.