Monday, May 31, 2004

Pretty Crappy Day

Had a pretty crappy day today. My supervisor is still acting like a kid. He's a very competitive man; maybe he thinks he has something to prove, I don't know. I've now decided to ignore him. Like I said, there was a lot of drinking and the like being done this past weekend. Aki and I went out to Romantopia onsen with Erica and her friend Mishi from Hungary yesterday. That was really cool as it was a sunny day and I got the chance to use my new bike again. We went to Darumaya, the world's greatest ramen restaurant afterwards, and we even picked up some Hokkaido ice-cream on the way back as well.

On Saturday night there was a dinner for local JETs who support a school in Nepal through a charity called Everest of Apples. That was a good laugh, and afterwards we went back to Hirosaki for some serious ripping up of the dancefloor at Magnet. I didn't get any piccys though. Friday night was spent at Genya drinking yet again. It was a great night until the barman came and presented us with a ridiculously large bill. I wasn't in the mood to query it, but I just remember thinking to myself that it was certainly not worth one hundred pounds, or the equivalent in Japanese yen. That's precisely what we had to pay between us though. I ain't going back there again.

Also, if it takes a lot longer to load this page now because of the photos that have been uploaded just let me know. It shouldn't take any longer with a high-speed connection, but if you connect to the internet via a dial up, it might drag things out a little longer.

Aki in her cycling flip flops

The expensive restaurant