Friday, June 04, 2004

Random Onsen Trip

Yesterday I went on a random bike ride to Romantopia, which is a little day park just outside Hirosaki city. I finished work and had three hours to kill so I picked up my stuff and shot off. There is a very big hill to climb on the way so I got a good bit of exercise in too. I should also mention that the weather this week has been 100% A-OK; barely a cloud in the sky all week. So I had an onsen and on the way back I noticed that the sun was shining from the backside of the mountain, offering a really nice view and photo opportunity:

Today has also been a very beautiful day, and most of it was spent at the local sports ground watching the opening ceremony of the annual Aomori-ken inter-high school sports tournament. I got a little sun-burned but it doesn't hurt.