Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Nutters

Here's a photo of where I work. I sit at the far end on the left, and that's my supervisor opposite reading a book. To my right is Saito sensei. He's got to be the biggest raver of them all. And then there's the crazy Ose sensei in the middle who sometimes breaks out his Mickey Mouse embroidered waist coat to brighten up the office atmosphere.

Seriously, these guys are quite a good bunch, and so are the other teachers who sit at the first-year desk complex. I put this photo up because I want to show folks where I spend most of my time during the day. I certainly spend more time sat here than I do in class anyway.

This week has been fairly smooth. I managed to get two really early nights on the trot, Monday and Tuesday. I needed them as well, even if I did wake up at five the following day. I've also been cooking my evening meals on the bbq outside. I now have quite a good little set up on my verander, with room enough for a chair and cooking utensils. OK, so my verander overlooks the ghetto, I know. It's still a nice place to sit and read and grill fish.

I've got a trip to Owani high school today, and tomorrow I have a meeting in Aomori city in preparation for the summer seminar that I'm involved in this year, so I won't be back in the office until next Monday now. Even then I won't have anything to do because all the students are taking their mid-term exams next week. I'll study Japanese I suppose. Or pick my nose. One or the other.