Saturday, June 26, 2004

Misty Mountain Top

Once more, I scrambled to the top of Iwaki-san today. It wasn't such a beautiful view from the top:

Pretty murky don't you think? On the way down I slipped and hurt my back. Nothing serious, but it hurt quite a bit and I've got a bruise just above my bum now. If I do the mountain again next weekend I'm going to buy crampons for the snow. They look really useful, and fairly easy to strap to your boots. I must have looked a real ponce today, gingerly creeping down the snowpack with just my hiking boots.

Iwakiyama shrine

Notice the bottle of sake sat there looking lonely? Apparently they put offerings down in front of the shrine for gaijin to slip into their bags when the holy spirits aren't looking. Gotta love the Japanese!