Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Into London

OK, right, err, well, anou, etou, etc. etc. I went into London today with my brother. It was good to be with him walking around central London because he's lived there for several years in the past and knows the streets far better than I do. I also lived in London for a short while, but I never really got to know the street layout very well for using the tube all the time. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't like big cities in general, and after today, I really don't think too much of London in particular. I found that the central districts were full of over-dressed nancey pansies and the service in all the shops was really, well, compared to Japan, rude. Anyway, this is a picture that I took of my brother in Central London:

He thinks that he looks like Bugs Bunny, but I don't see the match...

Well, this post was really just to see whether I could upload any images or not. Here it looks like I've found success!!