Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A distant view of the world

At long last, I've found a website that offers satellite images of the earth. Well, it's actually a website I've had stashed deep in my favourites folder for a long time, and after a good sort through yesterday evening I stumbled across it once again.

The area covered in this photograph is South East England if that wasn't already apparent, and the dot towards the top is the city of Lincoln in the East Midlands, where I was born and raised. The other glowy area further south is London, of course. And south of that you can see water, then it's France and Holland and all that other stuff. This one further below is the Tsugaru peninsula of Aomori prefecture. That's where I live now.

In this photograph, Hirosaki city is the cluster of light in the bottom rectangle of the image, and just next to it is Iwaki mountain. Aomori city itself can be seen as another cluster of light inside the oval shape on the image, and just above that, poking down from the top is the axe shaped peninsula of Shimokita. Look at how flat that part of Europe is compared to Aomori prefecture. The scale differs of course, but even still, North West Europe looks as flat as a pancake!!