Sunday, September 05, 2004

Same old, same old...

Did the same routine yesterday. Went up the mountain, but this time Aki came with me. It was a pretty good day all in all. The weather held, and we even made it to the top. I was really impressed with Aki because I'd thought that she might have quit half way. She kept pushing forward though.

We met up with Steph later that day and went for a meal at this Italian restaurant that had appealed to me the day before when I'd walked past it. Well, I say it was a restaurant, but it was more like a caff. And I say it was a meal, but it was more like a starter. The pizzas were on tortilla-like bases, and they were really poxy in size. Afterwards, me and old Aki came back and I polished off the curry I had left from the night before as well. Then, quite late at night, we went to this new 24hr onsen place that Steph had told us about. It was on the top of a department store, which is odd because before I came to Japan I had in my mind that all onsens were on top of mountains, but it was pretty damn spangly all the same. Inside, this place looked like it was fit for royalty though, with about ten different baths and a shared sauna and a private sauna and massage and all that kind of stuff. It felt really good after the mountain.