Monday, October 04, 2004

Knitting, autumn climbing.

No prizes for guessing where this photograph was taken. On Sunday I went back up mount Iwaki again with Brian and Niel, two local private English teachers. It was the same as any other weekend: more space; more quiet; more solitude; less hassle than hanging around in the city, etc. The one remarkable thing, though, was how much the colours of the leaves had changed. I expected to see true autumn colours, as the last time I'd been up there, which was a couple of weeks ago, they'd just started turning. I went up yesterday, of course, and pretty much all of the leaves above the treeline had fallen off, ready for the winter already. This is what it looked like at around 1000m.

Anything above 1200m had just about fallen to the ground.

Also, on saturday I continued with my knitting project at Autumn and Jacob's place in Aomori city. I'm undertaking a red scarf. And it's not looking too bad even if I do say so myself.