Monday, September 20, 2004

Iwate Blues

I went down to Iwate ken with Aki this last weekend. It was all planned out to be a good weekend with the national holiday on monday, but it went a bit pear-shaped before much happened at all. We were going to stay at a love hotel for the night on sunday because I'd never stayed at one before, and then go and climb Iwate mountain, the biggest in Tohoku, the following day. Anyway, we were both tired and when we got into the love hotel we ended up having this big cahoot and came back home that night. I was disappointed with myself because I let happen something that I've been trying to stop for a while now. I tend to get a bit angry when I'm being ripped off, and with the love hotel we were clearly being watered on. So it ended up me going downstairs into the empty courtyard of this love 'motel' complex in my underwear screaming my head off demanding to speak to someone. There was nobody outside in the courtyard, of course, and Aki dragged me away before they called the police, thank god. Aki gave me such a bollocking as well, because I really upset her.

The room that we got was all decked out with disco lights, karaoke, a bar, a drum kit and red couch. All the same, the bastards wouldn't let us out. The only way we could get out was to call the main office and ask them to unlock the door. I was not paying sixty quid for that farce. The Love Pocket was the name of the place, and it felt like we were in somebody's pocket stuck in that little joint.

Would you have stayed in a place like this? I don't know. Saturday saw me climb the mountain again, same old, same old.