Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kate Bush, the new typhoon and the dog.

I'm here again early morning because there's another typhoon chasing through the streets, and the winds are so loud I can't stay asleep. I'm getting a bit bored of this routine now, waking up early to the whistle of strong winds and then feeling shagged for the rest of the day. At least I've got my new Kate Bush album to keep me company though!! I picked it up during the week and I've listened to it about ten times now at least.

Every ten minutes or so it sounds like somebody punches the window from the outside. It's a bit like the time I woke up and thought some bastard was in the room rocking my bed. That turned out to be an earthquake. Well, I did nip out quickly a few minutes ago to see if I could get some good shots of the wind. I soon realised that it was going to be pretty fruitless, so I just took a quick snap of our local ghetto hound, Myuu chan.

While I was there chatting to Myuu the winds kicked up again and I decided it was too dangerous to stand around doing nothing, so I came back in. It was either that or jump behind the steel fence with old Myuu, and I don't think Myuu's mum and dad would have appreciated that too much.

Also in this weeks repertoire of musical aquisitions is a live Cream album. It's got a really cool 13 min. version of Stepping Out on it. I'm onto it right now!!

To keep me entertained and to have a focus in life I've decided to learn how to knit. I remember a bit of it from when I was a little boy, and my mum taught me how to cast on and do the first few rows etc. (maybe that's where it all went wrong: ) I haven't got very far on my current project though, which is going to be a hat once I've got good enough.

Right. I'm off to school. I'll tell you about my dream later.