Friday, September 24, 2004

sketchy work week.

This week has been interesting because there have been two national holidays. One on monday and the other yesterday. Yesterday I went up to the orchard area just below Hyakuzawa ski resort where there was an annual bbq event being held.

I biked up there with you know who. She had a bit of a tif along the way because her bag kept slipping of her shoulder and she was getting too hot. By the time we arrived at Hyakuzawa, though, she admitted that a bike ride on a beautiful day was better than being stuck in her car.
The rice in this region is in the process of being harvested right now, which is what you can see in the picture above. It gets hung out to dry in the fields before being brought in for commerce. Biking back yesterday, we passed this one old guy who was harvesting by hand, and was so worn out and knackered that he had to do it sitting down on a stool with his legs stretched out. He was right at the corner of this one field with acres and acres left to go. He was probably only going at a rate of five square yards a day. I felt sorry for the old boy; I felt like buying him a harvester machine.

AT the bbq we met up with a bunch of other JETs and sat around for a while chilling. Apart from this one guy from New York called Kevin, the gathering consisted of girls. And you know what girls are like when they get together on days after drinking sessions. I sat and listened to some JET gossip.