Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Morioka Mission

It was my day off yesterday so I went down to a climbing gym in Morioka, called One Move, with a couple of regulars from the Rat Wall. These are the pics:

This guy was doing most of the same stuff as me all day.

A married couple getting ready for some lead climbing.

They were both strong climbers, and they seemed to know very well what they were doing.

Me, trying to come to terms with my body weight and lack of technique on a tricky little number on the central boulder. Can you see the 気合 (kiai, or fighting spirit) on my face? I'd been climbing all day the day before though, so I wasn't in any fit shape to tackle it seriously.

Our very own Bancho administers some gravity on the main lead wall.

Me again, soon to be put into administration on the junior's lead wall. It's bloody hard work fiddling about with a rope while you're hanging off a leaning wall. I nearly made it to the top but had to give in just before the last clip.

A well trodden training wall.

There was a very cool and ambient atmosphere at One Move. Good music in the background and lots of good climbers. Although the majority of routes layed out were beyond my ability, it was good to have a go at something different and see the locals do their thing.

And then it was off for a rice-filled omlette with curry sauce before our kind driver sped us back at top speed. 怖かったよ!