Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy new year

Happy new year to all. These are photos from the three day stint I had with Aki's family over new year's.

Aki's mum and dad on her mum's 60th year party. Similar to the coming of age tradition for all 20 year olds in Japan, it seems that the major celebration can be held on a date seperate to one's actual birthday. We went to Iwaki Sou in Asobe no Mori for a night of reraxation and fun.

More into the fun than relaxation, these two are Aki's nieces. There were seven altogether, including an eight month old baby called Sakura who seemed alright with me until I tried to wipe some drool off her chin which brought her to tears.

Aki in her yukata. We visited the hotel's bar shortly after this shot was taken with her brother-in-law. I've been going to that hotel for some four years now without realising what a wicked little restaurant/bar set up they've got there. Aki's brother-in-law fantasized as I told him about the golf course right next to our house in England.

Aki's brother, father of the girl on the left in the photo above. He got into the English festive spirit with a party hat from one of the Christmas crackers I supplied that night. The mince pies went down a treat too.

Later that night we went out to a bar in Kaji machi and met Mark and Dee. All in all it was a good night and I didn't get too drunk either - something I'm starting to learn the art of these days. Sorry about the photo Dee. I had two photos of you and Aki from that night. The other one was a better shot of you but it made Aki look fat so I chose this one instead. Gomen ne.