Friday, October 10, 2008

Training Update

Well, it wasn't to be on Sunday. I planned, as you'll likely remember from my previous post, to run a 23m extension of my usual route down the river. It was tough from the outset, so I trimmed it down a bit and did 18m instead. I did the following route:

It didn't go quite so smoothly as the time I ran this distance before, and I'm not sure why. Maybe something to do with my overall energy levels or something.

However, I did run again yesterday. I did a return to Five Mile bridge, which equates to 11m altogether from my home. I won't bother with a map for this one. It felt really good though, and I achieved a time comparable to that which I managed at Mablethorpe a few weeks ago.

My current overall training system is as follows: One week I run 11m on the Wednesday, then 15m on the Sunday. The following week I run 6m on the Wednesday and 18m on the Sunday. I'm trying to increase the distance for the long Sunday run though, and whenever I run 6m on a Wednesday I time myself to see if I can beat my personal 10k best (42 minutes).

Friday, October 03, 2008

Running for a reason

Just to let those people who still occasionally read this blog know, I'm raising money for a leading UK cancer charity called Cancer Research UK. Through participating in two running races - the Hastings Half Marathon in March 2009, and the Paris Marathon three weeks later - I'm hoping to raise as much money as possible for a charity that is important to everybody in some way or another. 

My online donations page is here. I'll hopefully find the time to update this blog (biffa's) with semi-regular training logs and maybe some photos of blisters on my toes etc. just so you can see how you're getting your money's worth. The longest distance I've run so far has been 18m, which I managed in two and a half hours. I was really beaten up afterwards though, and I made sure to eat lots of high carb/fat foods the night before, so that was 18m pretty much running on full steam. I am planning on a 23m extension of this route on Sunday though, so I'll keep you posted on how that goes. For people who know this area I'll post a copy of the route I plan to take:

It's what I call the River, Bardney, Wasp's Nest, Potter, Branston 23m run.

Catchy little name for it!! Anyway, please take a look at the donations page and thanks for any support you can offer.