Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pleasley Vale のクライミング (this post includes weird translation)

時に日本語能力のために日本語でブログにアップロードしないとだめ。すごいへんだけど読み我慢してください。I have to practice my japanese quite a bit because I want to be able to get on well with Aki's family when they come over late rthis year. After they've left I can forget all about it!

最近、クライミングに行く所はもうちょっと近くなってなかなか便利ですよ。pleasley vale といわれる岩場はかなり小さいけどオーバーハングとかいっぱいの難しいトラバースもあるから色々なチョイスですね。上の写真は、不良のクライマーと言えば。。。。この場所までは50分,車で。ピーク国立公園に行くより30分早い。イギリスでは夏のクライミングだったら、雨がすごく降ってもシャーツ着ないでやらなきゃ。規則だ! recently, the place I go to climbing has become closer so it is more convenient. a place that is called pleasley vale is pretty small, but there's an overhang and lots of difficult traverses so there's plenty of variety. as for the photo above, if it's a badboy climber you're looking for ..... this crag takes about 50 minutes to get to by car. it's 30 minutes quicker than going to the peak district national park. in england, if you climb in the summer, even if the rain falls like crazy you have to climb with your shirt off. it's a rule!

Aki sometimes comes with me but she usually sits listening to her ipod singing to herself. we don't stay long.


besides all that I jog about 20 miles a week now, off road, and as a result I'm getting much fitter. Not smoking helps a shed load, and having common land right next to where you live is convenient too.


witness the fitness 。。。。